Conference program

Below is the final conference program. In the program you can find links to pdfs of the workshop speakers' abstract. You can also download a complete set of abstracts.


Revised 8th June 2010



You can download the complete program here and the complete set of abstracts here.






10.00 - 17.00 Pre conference company visits, The Norwegian Model and Senior Policy.

                    Meeting room: Kvinten 2. Transport to companies.

15.00 - 19.00 Registration at conference venue, Thon Hotel Opera

19.20              Welcome reception – The Oslo Fjord on board the sailship “Christiania”.

                   Host: Åsmund Lunde, Director, Centre for Senior Policy, Norway

                   (Boarding from 19.00)




09.00-10.20 Plenary session - Meeting room: Flagstadsalen

                       Moderator: Robert Salomon, Work Reseach Institute, Norway

09.00-09.10 Music, Lars Klevstrand

09.10-09.20 Welcoming address: First Confederal Secretary Ellen Stensrud, The Norwegian

                  Confederation of Trade Unions (LO), member of the board, Centre for Senior Policy

09.20-10.00 Research Challenges for Older Workers.

                  Professor Juhani Ilmarinen, Institute of Occupational Health, Finland

10.00-10.20 Welcoming address: State secretary Jan-Erik Støstad, Ministry of Labour, Norway


10.20-10.50 Break


10.30-12.30 Parallel workshops (click on name to open abstract in pdf).


Workshop A. Meeting room: Figaro

Age management and leadership

Moderator: Reidar Johan Mykletun


Trude Furunes,

Managers decision latitude for age management


Reidar Johan Mykletun,

Ageing Workforce Management Program in Vattenfall


Kerstin Nilsson,

To Work or not to Work in an Extended Working Life


Workshop B. Meeting room: Tryllefløyten


Moderators: Libby Brooke and Per Erik Solem


Per Erik Solem,

Ageism and discrimination of older workers in Norway                                        


Libby Brooke,

Occupational processes and age stereotypes


David Lain,

Abolishing mandatory retirement in the UK and USA


Malcolm Sargeant,

Older Workers as a vulnerable workforce


Workshop C. Meeting room: Kammeret

Lifelong Learning

Moderator: Tarja Tikkanen


Tarja Tikkanen,

Lifelong learning:The perspective of social partners


Victoria Büsch,             

Further education in times of demographic change


Graham Smith,

Demographic change and the business case for engaging older workers in lifelong learning


Workshop D. Meeting room: Kvinten 2

Mature age workers and retirement

Moderator: Hanne Heen


Tugba Polat,                   

Working after retirement age. A literature review.


Helen Ko,

Re-employment of Older Workers in Singapore


Dorien Kooij,

Age-related Factors in the Motivation to Work


12.30 - 14.00 Lunch


14.00 - 15.00 Plenary session - Meeting room: Flagstadsalen

                         Moderator: Robert Salomon, Work Reseach Institute, Norway

14.00-14.30  Economic and social incentives for viable age policies

                    Senior Research Economist Knut Røed,

                    Ragnar Frisch Centre for Economic Research

 14.30-15.00  Employability and Career Success Across the Life-Span:

                    Age as moderator in the Relationship Between Self- 

                    Versus Supervisor Ratings of Employability and Career Success.

                    Professor Beatrice v.d. Heijden, Radboud University Nijmegen the Netherlands


15.00-15.30  Break


15.30-17.30  Parallel workshops (click on name to open abstract in pdf). 


Workshop A (ctd). Meeting room: Figaro

Age management and leadership

Moderator: Reidar Johan Mykletun


Tove Midtsundstad,

The limits of solidarity


Per Erik Solem,

The financial crisis and managers' attitudes towards older workers            


Annet H. de Lange,  

Associations Between Age Attitudes, Self-Categorization and Emotional Exhaustion


Susan P Chen,

Exploring the Survivor-syndrome in an ageing workforce


Workshop D (ctd). Meeting room: Kvinten 2

Mature age workers and retirement

Moderator: Hanne Heen 


Rhonda Schlaadt,

Change and choice the baby boomers key to retirement in 2025: a New Zealand Delphi study


Mikael Stattin,

Timing of retirement and mortality - A cohort study of Swedish construction workers


Helene Mountford,

The resource-based view: a theoretical home for older workers


Workshop E. Meeting room: Kammeret

Work Environment and health

Moderator: Einar Jebens


Joanne Crawford,

Safety and Health Promotion; taking evidence into practice


Einar Jebens,

Work ability among senior workers (50+) in a construction company


Ines Monteiro,

Senior Taxi drivers in Sao Paulo, Brazil


Jon Ingulf Medbø

Elderly workers in physically demanding jobs: How do they manage?


Sterud, Tom:

Senior employees' working environment in Norway



19.00              Aperitifs, Thon Hotel Opera

19.30              Conference Dinner, Thon Hotel Opera





09.00-10.30 Plenary session - Meeting room: Flagstadsalen

                       Moderator: Ann Therese Lotherington, Northern Research Institute, Norway

09.00-09.10 Music, Alexander Hermansen

09.10-09.40 Defining public policy for older workers: an ill-defined group

                   Professor Philip Taylor, Monash University, Australia

09.40-10.10 Extending Working Life: Problems and prospects for Social and Public Policy.

                   Professor Chris Phillipson, University of Keele, UK

10.10-10.30 Break


10.30-12.00 Parallel workshops


Workshop F. Meeting room: Figaro

Older workers life situation

Moderator: Hanne Bogen


Richard Ennals,            

Ageing workers: The jam in the sandwich


Philip Taylor,

Working Late and the Growing Spectre of Uselessness


Sarah Vickerstaff,        

The Gendered and Domestic Context for Retirement


Philip Taylor,

Age, Unemployment and Mental Health


Workshop G. Meeting room: Kammeret

Labor market, employment and demographic challenge

Moderator: Roland Kadefors 


Ulrich Schenck,           

Ageing and the European Labour Market


Roland Kadefors,        

Best Agers: using the knowledge and experience of professionals - Baltic Sea region


Robert Salomon,

A three phase perspective on senior policies


Kristin Reichborn-Kjennerud

Does extra days offcontribute to keeping the seniors at work longer?


Workshop H. Meeting room: Kvinten 2

Collective agreements and sustainable age policies

Moderator: Bert Lokhorst


Special session investigating how collective labor agreements can promote sustainable working life participation, including presentation of research results from the Netherlands. Exchange of views and comments from participants.


Tove Midtsundstad:

Norwegian experiences, practices and recent developments  on collective agreements


12.00 -13.30  Lunch


13.30-15.00  Plenary session - Meeting room: Flagstadsalen

                        Moderator: Ann Therese Lotherington, Northern Research Institute, Norway

13.30-14.30 Research areas and policy implications - Panel discussions and questions.

                   Moderator: Professor Richard Ennals, Kingston University, UK

14.30-15.00  A sustainable working life

                   Sum up by Associate Professor Liv Hanson Ausland,

                   Vestfold University College, Norway

15.00             Closing remarks

                   Director (departement) Eivind Hovden, The Research Council of Norway