Main Themes

The main topic at the conference is the potentials of older workers, both individually and as an important part of societies' work force.

The demographic changes in the industrialized world will in the future have an even greater impact on our society’s employment of older workers, retirement and social insurance programs than it has today. Societies can no longer afford policies, employment practices and attitudes that exclude older workers from the working life.


Despite this basic insight, the value of older workers is still in question. Still there is a widespread perception of older workers as worn out, rigid, inadaptable, slow, and in great need of facilitation. At this conference we put a different perception on the agenda; older workers as experienced and mature, a valuable source of talent, skills and knowledge, and ready, willing and able to work. We will explore the social and economic potential in an ageing society and address the question of research contribution to  employment of older workers.


This will be the main themes of the keynote speaches, sessions and workshops:

  • Older workers – work performance, productivity and quality
  • How to reduce age discrimination in working life
  • Work environment and older workers
  • Lifelong learning and competence at work
  • Leadership training for good age management
  • Ageing workers in times of economic recession
  • Pensions and the retirement system
  • The third career