Keynote Speakers

As keynote speakers we are delighted to present Philip Taylor, Juhani Ilmarinen, Beatrice Van Der Heijden, Chris Phillipson, Liv Hanson Ausland and Knut Røed.

Chris Phillipson

Chris Phillipson has held the post of Professor of Applied Social Studies and Social Gerontology, at the University of Keele since 1988.  He is currently Director of the Insitutes for Social Science at Keele. Professor Phillipson established the Department of Applied Social Studies and Social Work in 1988 and headed the Department until 1996.  He was also founding Director (1986-1997) of the Centre for Social Gerontology. His major research work has been in the field of ageing investigating issues relating to pre-retirement education, family and community life in old age, problems of social exclusion, and issues relating to urbanisation and migration.


Beatrice v. d. Heijden

Beatrice van der Heijden is professor of Strategic HRM at the Open University of the Netherlands. She is Director of Research and Doctoral Programs at the Maastricht School of Management and Head of the Department Organizational Behavior/Human Resource Management. Currently, she coordinates two European cross-cultural research projects on career success. Moreover she is affiliated with the University of Twente, Department HRM. Her main research areas are: career development, employability, and aging at work.

Philip Taylor

Philip Taylor PhD joined Swinburne University of Technology in August 2006 as Professor of Employment Policy. He has researched and written in the field of age and the labour market for almost 20 years.  He is currently leading major programmes of research at Swinburne considering the management of ageing workforces, and involving extensive employer-based research. His interests include the management of labour supply, individual orientations to work and retirement, employers’ attitudes and practices towards older workers and international developments in public policies aimed at combating age barriers in the labour market and extending working life.

Juhani Ilmarinen

Professor Juhani Ilmarinen is well-known and highly regarded both in Finland and worldwide for his research, development and pioneering in ageing and the quality of working life. He is to a high degree credited with the Finnish focus on activities maintaining and improving the work ability in efforts to solve the problem of ageing workforce. Professor Ilmarinen began his research in the field of ageing in Germany and since the early 1980s he was been working at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. 

Liv Hanson Ausland

Liv Hanson Ausland is Associate Professor within Health Promotion at Faculty of Health Science at Vestfold University College in Norway. She is a researcher at the research center for Health Promotion in settings, and teach at the Master Programme in Health Promotion. Ausland has been a teacher and researcher in the field of ageing workforce, organizational development and Heatlh Promotion in Norway for many years.

Knut Røed

Knut Røed is Senior Research Economist at the Ragnar Frisch Centre for Economic Research in Oslo and Adjunct Professor at the ESOP Centre, Economics Department at University of Oslo. He is also a Research Fellow at IZA (Institute for the Study of Labor), Bonn, Germany. His main professional interests are in labour market economics, unemployment, labour supply, retirement behaviour, marginalisation, social security, micro econometrics and duration models.